What We Treat

We treat head to toe, mind and body issues effectively and quickly through video. Because we know for minor ailments you don’t want to wait in an emergency room or medical center for diagnosis and medical treatment. Cure24x7’s highly qualified and experienced medical consultants can evaluate common conditions like:

Common Ailment
Treated During a video visit
  • Cold & Flu
  • Sore Throat
  • Travel
  • Sports Injuries
  • Skin Issues
  • Diarrhea
    & Vomiting
  • Eye Condition
  • UTIs
What is a Video Visit ?
Cure24x7 Video Visits allow

Cure24x7 Video Visit permits our doctors, therapists, specialists, and lactation advisors to facilitate you with desired care without letting you leave your home. With video, they can look, listen, inspect and connect with you to determine your issues and provide an appropriate treatment to you.

Our Pricing

Similar to the usual cost of urgent care. Plus, you may be covered by your health plan.

Meet the Doctors & Psychologists

The professionals physicians at Cure24x7 are highly experienced and among the leading board-certified doctors in the country providing medical treatment service. They passed various training, screening and ongoing quality health care treatment assurance.

iPhone & Android App Details
Cure24x7 is Available on iphone,ipad, Android.

Cure24x7 is available on iPhone & Android app and love to provide you health care service at your fingertips through video doctor visit. You can consult with a doctor dietician or even a nutrition and seek their opinion anytime on your mobile device. For any health issue, you can just sit at home and use our app for selecting the appropriate doctor who will assist you in every aspect for your good health so that you can feel better and recover faster.